About Our District

Below is some district information about our great schools:

  • ​Facilities: The Elementary School (Preschool-Grade 4) was upgraded in 1998, a new High School(Grades 9-12) was opened in 1999, and the Middle School (Grades 5-8) upgrade was completed in 2000.
  • Several On-Campus Early Childhood Programs Available. Ages 2 weeks through 12 years. 
    Total Early Childhood Enrollment: 100
  • Total District Enrollment: 945
  • Pupil/Teacher Ratio: 19:1
  • Number of Teaching Staff: 55
  • Average Years of Teaching Experience: 12
  • District Size: 138.5 square miles
  • Transportation: 10 bus routes; We add new buses every year with the support of our school district taxpayers.


Area Info
Antrim County has 264 miles of rivers and streams, and 27 miles of Great Lake
shore line. Over 200 acres of managed forest land offer a great opportunity
or students to study our environment. Principal attractions include golf
courses, skiing, marinas, campgrounds, resorts, natural areas, hiking,
and hunting.

Northwest Educational Services (formerly TBAISD
NW Education Services works closely with the sixteen public school districts to ensure high quality educational programs for all students. NW Ed Services provides specialized services, materials and personnel to more than 2000 educators and 25,000 students.

Mancelona Fight Song
(Students are to stand)

Brave men of Mancelona
Strong men and true
Hail to the Ironmen
Our song we raise to you.

Brave men of Mancelona
Into the fray
When true hearts strive together
Victory crowns the day.


Go Mancy Go!
Fight Mancy Fight!

Repeat verses 1 and 2