MPS Virtual

                                                                     MPS Virtual

MPS Virtual is an online program offered to students from each of the MPS buildings. The program gives families an option to educate their child remotely, but still access opportunities, extra-curricular activities and sports available to all MPS K-12 students. For example, seniors completing their required coursework with MPS Virtual may participate in the MHS graduation ceremony along with the other graduates. As part of each school, the virtual students are held to the same standards and administrative expectations as the students in their assigned building. Please read the program overview for more details about MPS Virtual.

Enrollment is limited by staffing levels. Each summer and winter there are open enrollment periods for the upcoming semester. Families apply by the posted deadline and slots are allocated based on availability and in the order of application.

Application information is posted exclusively at the bottom of this page.

As each semester ends, current families decide if they want to continue with MPS Virtual or return to their assigned building. Enrollment is automatically renewed for the next semester or school year, unless families notify their virtual teacher two weeks before the end of the given semester.

Online learning has advantages and disadvantages. It is not the best choice for all students. Please make sure your family has considered all aspects of online learning before committing to MPS Virtual.

                                                       Current Application Information

Due to space limitations the program is only available to current MPS students and not available for new choice students.

At this time there are no openings at any grade levels.  If you'd like to be considered should something open, please click the link here to the registration page.  You will only be contacted if there is an opening at your grade level.


MPS Virtual partners with My Virtual Academy to assist with program management utilizing Edmentum courses.