E-Rate Category 2 FY2019 RFP Questions

Questions and responses to the e-rate RFP will be posted below:

SECTION 4: Wireless Access Points

q. What is your current wireless system?

      a. Meru 3200 Controller with a mix of access points.  AP1020, AP332i & AP832e.

q. Is this project going to be replacing a network or adding to an existing network?

      a.   The new wireless system will replace the existing wireless network.  It will need to work with the existing non-wireless network equipment.

q. What is the current wired manufacture for the switches?

      a. HP/Aruba Switches with POE+

q. About how many AP locations of the 90 APs would be installed in locations where there is not a drop ceiling on which to attach?

      a. Approximately 10 access points will need wall mounts

q. Does the quote need to include patch cables or will the school be providing those?

      a. Existing cables and patch cables will be utilized

q. May we provide alternate quotes for higher capacity APs, virtual controllers, etc?

      a. Yes - that is encouraged!  The specifications on the RFP are the minimum required specs.